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Improve your level of cleanliness with high-performance cleaning products from Aerus. Our cleaning systems go above and beyond typical products. They are lab-tested and can eliminate mold, mildew and viruses in the air, in carpets and on hard surfaces.

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We are now carrying personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety equipment in addition to our surface and air virus protection systems.

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Sweeping, vacuuming and dusting can go so far. Keep your home or office clean on a whole new level with professional-grade cleaning products from Aerus. We work with home and business owners all over Southern California to provide a higher standard of clean with:

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Keep your home or business clean with an air purification system

Germs can spread quickly, so when one person gets sick, it's important to keep the air clean. With an air purification system from Aerus, your home or office will filter out germs on its own so you can keep everyone else healthy. Using ActivePure® Technology, Aerus goes beyond the level of clean which can eliminate harmful contaminants all around your home or office.

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